IRTrans Driver for AmigaOS and MorphOS

IRTrans is a fine peace of hardware for recording and playing IR-signals. This allows to control the computer via remote control and to control external devices like dvd and cd players via computer.

In addition to that IRTrans supports numerous additional features like linking IRTrans modules, For further information on the IRTrans hardware follow this link and here is a site to purchase it.

irtrans hardware

Here is a window shot of the irtrans setup window. By using this tool it's possible to configure any IRTrans in network.

irtrans setup

Since this driver is "IRCom" compatible, all additional functions will be handled by this interface.

Programmers may be interested in the additional features the IRTrans hardware is providing. These features can be used by accessing the hardware via "irtrans.device", like on Linux, Windows and Mac. exit


The IRTrans drivers are part of the IRCom Driver Package and can be downloaded here