IRCom Driver Package V2.12 for AmigaOS3 and MorphOS

The IRCom Amiga / MorphOS driver set is providing a standardized interface for usage of any kind of IR devices.

Currently included are Poseidon USB Classes and IRCom drivers for IRTrans and IgorPlug USB (AVR).

igor-plug USB IR dongle IRTrans USB IR dongle

A user database working in the background is keeping all available devices and remotes. It's also possible to use several ir transmitter and receiver at once. Here is a picture of the IRCom preferences tool. ghost

ircom setup

The most important stuff is the remote editor. By using the editor it's possible to create an unlimited amount of remotes. These are automatically collected within a database, so all IRCom compatible tools are able to use them.

ircom remote editor

Currently a bunch of IRCom compatible tools are available. There are simple commands like wait for keys, sending multiple ir signals or auto translate a specific key into another and send it out.

Meridian and MMKeyboard allready support the IRCom standard and allow sending of IR-Signals. It's quite useful to control the external CD-Player by using the multimedia keys on the computer keyboard.

A big application for controlling the entire computer is under development. It will provide the same features of Meridian and MMKeyboard just for IR-Signal control. exit


Filename Version Type Size System Information
ircom.lha V2.12 IRCom Driver Package 322 KB AmigaOS 68K & MorphOS PPC read me
ircomremote.lha V2.12 IRCom Application 229 KB AmigaOS 68K & MorphOS PPC read me