Wireless PC Lock

Wireless PC Lock V1.10 for AmigaOS and MorphOS

The driver supports the wireless security system created by Sitecom. The official name is "Wireless PC Lock" and the product id is CN-129.

The Wireless PC Lock system is separated into two parts. First part is an USB Stick like receiver, as it's used for wireless mice

Wireless PC Lock receiver module

Second part is a transmitter for put onto the users key ring. It's possible to activate and deactivate the transmitter by using a button. The current state is displayed by a small LED behind the red button pad.

Wireless PC Lock key ring transmitter

The GUI allows easy hardware setup.

wirelesspclock.class gadget user interface

After finishing the configuration process the system detects if the registered user is around by scanning for the transmitter. As soon as the user (together with the sender) is moving away, the system gets locked and the specified picture will be displayed.

In the case the sender got lost or the battery ran out of power, it's possible to unlock the system by using a 64 character password.


  • Full featured Poseidon USB class.
  • Localized, bubble help and key optimized MUI GUI.
  • Customized setup for lock out picture.
  • Customized setup for lock out, keylock and access granted samples.
  • Supporting any audio and picture format by providing full datatype support.


Filename Version Size System Information
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