"ValiantVision" is the official rework of the well known AmithlonTV.

AmithlonTV contained a simple driver architecture, which allowed a flexible extension and usage. Unfortunately several mines and function glitches would have made the implementation of several features very difficulty. Due this reason the original project was stopped a while ago. I did intensive work on the driver and tried several models and there pro and contra.

In addition to that alternative Amiga systems are now available providing additional possibilities, which couldn't be supported with the old version.

This page will inform like a log about the status and the planned features. I'll also talk about problems and other stuff making such a project very complicated. Just note, that I will adjust the development to my personal needs. I may pause for a while or swap to other projects, like I did before. I still consider this as a hobby and so don't blame me, if I won't work on it for a longer period. It all depends on my mood and on my motivation.

So don't expect daily news. As soon as the global driver set is working the total number of drivers will grow, because most drivers are nearly identical and need only little configuration and modification. First I will create drivers for the stuff I can test on my own.

Questions about development won't be answered without a good reason, but I'll note them and may setup a FAQ section on this page.

Also there is no need to ask for beta version. I know a good group of beta testers with the required background and motivation to help and support. These people will automatically get the first available drivers.

For suggestions and discussions regarding tv cards and their applications the ValiantVision group is available. The old AmithlonTV group will be removed, so it's wise to swap to the new forum.

As soon as there will be an official beta version, the stuff will be released and announced here.

Planned Features

Some of the features shown here, are at the bottom of by list and will only be implemented after the main stuff is running as expected.

  • Support for analog, DVB-T, DVB-S and DVB-C tv cards.
  • Support for bt8x8 and saa7134 TV-cards.
  • New separation in Interface and Chip driver allows flexible usage and combining drivers.
  • Flexible driver communication allows simple plug and go of different drivers.
  • Special MUI classes for easy GUI implementation. (tvdisplay.mcc, tvzapper.mcc, ...)
  • Open interfaces allow to add driver decoding and encoding.
  • Time shifting and hard disk recorder.
  • File driver allows to play videos and recordings.
  • Multi tuner and multi card supoprt.
  • The application side is able to capture compressed and/or uncompressed audio and video data.
  • Support for OV5xx base web cams like the Eyetoy camera.
  • Centralized channel management for flexible and comfortable usage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Within this list I will collect all questions about the project which where asked frequently.

  • Will there be a MorphOS native version?
    It's possible, planned and will be done.

  • Will there be a AmigaOS4 native version?
    Currently I am not able to test anything for AmigaOS4. For this reason non of my Programs are available native for AmigaOS4. Under normal circumstances I build around 50 versions of a program within 3 hours. If I would send such binaries to an external test, this would expand development to 3 or more weeks and that's not acceptable.

  • Why you don't add your project to the IntuitionBase Developer Contest? You can win an AmigaOne board!
    Well, I would like to do it, but it's not possible due the contest rules.
    They intend in Reaction, which is only available on AmigaOS. This would prevent to create a Morphos and an AROS version. I find this rule and it's explanation very stupid. "When there is no MUI, then the software is no longer working." If somehow the existing MUI is unable to be used again, then hundreds of tools won't work anymore. This will cause that someone is "simply" porting the AROS ZUNE to AOS4 and there it is again. Problem solved!
    Beside this there is the chicken-egg problem, that it's not possible to create and test such big project without having personal access to the specific hardware. Without hardware no software and without software no chance to win hardware.
    Doing a simple recompile would be possible with the restrictions mentioned above, but this is also not allowed, because they want the application to use OS4 specific functions. This is ok for me and I understand the reason, because these new stuff allows more control on the software and makes the stuff more stable, ... Without having the chance to test such specific code this isn't possible.

  • Will overlay be supported?
    Yes, but currently only by using Cybergraphics, because I don't have any Picasso96 based system with overlay support.
    If the CGFX emulation of Picasso96 is fully implemented, there shouldn't be a problem in using it there, too.

  • Can I support the project in any way?
    The entire project is motivation based. The simplest way is to motivate me.
    If you want to donate hardware or money you're welcome. :) I currently own three analog tv cards (2x bt8x8, 1x saa7134). These allow developing the basic driver packet without any problem.
    In any case it's better if you contact me. Lending hardware isn't an option, because if the hardware gets broken I have to replace it. So in the result I can buy the stuff myself without putting a third party owner into it. It's also a big problem if I need to give the hardware back, because any change to the drivers may result in a non working driver due the impossibly to make tests.
    Programmer, especially those who have experience with mpeg, are very welcome to provide their support. For the DVB-? drivers I strongly need their help.

Status Overview

The time index just keeps the pure programming and home page editing times of this project. Timing and used resources can be considered as 100 accurate. The percentage values are best guess, because some code may need to be reworked or replaced.

I hope this will make more clear how long it takes to create a program and the stuff around.

  • Time invested into the project: 344 Hours
  • Current sourcecode size: 1.189 MB in 264 files and 11 directories!
Name Type Function State
valiantvision.library TV Card driver Global driver interface for applications 29%
valiansupport.library TV Card driver Global channel list management and useful functions for applications 0%
bt8x8.class Chip driver Video driver for BT8x8 based cards 80%
saa713x.class Chip driver Video driver for saa713x based cards 76%
tuner.class Chip driver Driver for antenna and cable tv 94%
pci.class Interface driver Interface driver for all PCI systems 98%
ValiantCreator Application Configuration Application 47%
ValiantView Application TV Application 99%
ValiantView.mcc MUI Class MUI class to display tv picture in applications. 43%

Project Log

A detailed project log on the ValiantVision development can be found here.

Pictures of the current state of development

Pictures of the current state of development can be found here.