SDI Header

SDI (Standard Developver Interface)

SDI is a very handy packet containing easy to use macros for system and compiler independent developing.

The SDI project was originally invented by Jens Langner and Dirk Stöcker and is for example used in YAM and several MUI classes. All my programs are using the SDI files, too.

I invented a project with nearly identically features and parts of it where used within my programs, but after getting my hands on this cool stuff, I dropped mine and added functions missing in SDI by adapting my old stuff.

Everyone who is interested in developing for more than one Amiga compatible OS should take a look into the SDI archive. It will save time and makes porting so much easier. A hand full of macros allow to implement system and compiler independent hooks, lib-calls, interrupts, handler and much more. Without this packet the same functionality would result in millions of #ifdefs and pages full of function headers. This macro set allows to define them within one line.

Information on the authors and the rules on usage and making extensions can be found within each header file.

Since June 2005 the SDI header are part of the SourceForge project SDITools and can be found here! Automatically Aminet uploads and direct download packages are planed, too.