R V2.21 for AmigaOS, AmigaOS4 and MorphOS

Did you ever feel boring when dealing with dos commands and their arguments? Did you ever wait for a GUI because the CLI only tool is to complicated for your Shell/CLI skills? rockford

Did you ever understand all these cryptic argument names? Did you ever wished dos arguments would be in your nativ language for better understanding?

Yes? Then then here comes the solution for your problems. "R" - The only weapon to defeat templates! (Something like Airwolf! :) )

Since the early 90th "R" is the one and only weapon to defeat dos templates and now it returns! Reenforced, upgraded, reworked and ready for the future. Tons of new features also allow professionals to enhance dos and for any other user it's as easy to use as ever. Simple call "r list" to get a high quality localized gadget user interface for the dos command list.

GUI create by R for the AmigaDOS command list

Set up the options and push execute. Setup predefined options for stuff you need every time and never type them again!

No longer wait for an user interface made by others. Grab a project icon, insert "R" as default tool and there it is!

If you don't beleave it, you didn't tried it!

It's not a hack! It's "R"! exit


  • Automatic creation of a high quality MUI GUI for most available commands.
  • Automatically localizes any known argument item.
  • Save and auto load of predefined command options.
  • Optional auto use mode for commands you need more than once with nearly the same option set.
  • Very small and easy to use.
  • Full locale support.
  • Online help.
  • 68K and PPC Binaries


Filename Version Size System Description Information
R.lha V2.21 160 KB AmigaOS 68K, AmigaOS PPC & MorphOS PPC GUI generator readme