My Pegaos 2 - The quiet Beauty!

Pegasos front view

My Pegasos 2 computer. I daily use it for most of my multimedia and internet needs.

Pegasos back side view

The back side of the case. As you can see there is graphic board, two TV cards and one usb card.

You may noticed that the USB card has no connectors. This is because I ripped them off and made them internal. All front USB ports are USB2.0 and the onboard USB isn't used at all.

Pegasos inside

This is the case opened. At the upper side you can see four big cables going to the USB card. They connect the three front USB Ports and the card reader.

The fan looks a little strange here, but the G4 board has no fan. So this fellow just moves the air inside the case around and it is very slow and silent. exit