MagicBeacon for MorphOS

MagicBeacon is a highly configurable notification and messaging system.

Ever wanted the images drawer of your cameras picture card to be opened automatically when connecting your camera? MagicWall

Ever wanted a DVD to be played automatically?

Ever wanted to see incoming EMails in a scrolling messenger on your screen?

Ever wanted to start a backup of your system by plug in the backup drive?

This is just a small number of possible ways to use MagicBeacon.


Hier you can see many examples on how the messages can look like and what you can use the notification system for. The user is able to change the look of each bubble. Each notification can use another position on screen, bubble skin, text tont and text information. Several skins are already included.

image of speech bubbles image of speech bubbles

Even the news ticker can be highly configured. This is the standard view on a Clara-MorphOS-skin. Border, colors, opacity and width of the ticker are just the basics.



  • Detects disk insert and removal of specific devices.
  • Detects disk changes of drawers and files.
  • Detects specific drawers and file on media.
  • Detects low graphics and system memory.
  • Support for MorphOS sensors. (MorphOS only)
  • Application interface allows developers and users to create their own notifications. firefly
  • Full featured and highly configurable screenbar module which supports scrolling, centering, left align and auto modes to enable scrolling only if the message text does not fit into screenbar space. (MorphOS only)
  • Full featured bubble display using display engine and alpha support for blending effects. Bubbles support text and or image content.
  • Allows multiple actions on a single notification.
  • Arexx port
  • Full featured Magic User Interface (MUI)
  • Localised


Download this application by using Grunch.