GuideCheck V1.23 for AmigaOS and MorphOS

If you ever tried to create perfect AmigaGuide documents, you know the problem. AmigaGuide files are easily broken. It's even possible to cause a system crash by creating a wrong link within a page. Text lines are invisible and Nodes can't be found by using the links, because they were never referenced. As an author it's hard work to make it perfect and as an user this is very frustrating if the author didn't make it right.

GuideCheck is solving this problem. With one call GuideCheck is parsing the entire file and optional any linked Amigaguide file, too. A detailed error report allows to find the problems without spending time in searching and testing the files. The "click anything for testing" Style developing is no longer required.

Please note that GuideCheck is also part of the GoldED installation and you may need to update it there manually. exit


  • Very small and fast
  • Supports more than 50 guide commands
  • Checking links and other references
  • AmigaGuide files may be linked together
  • Dupe node detection
  • Unreferenced node detection
  • Illegal character detection within node names
  • Fully localized


Filename Version Size System Information
GuideCheck.lha V1.23 99 KB AmigaOS 68K readme