You may know the problem, that you need data from a non Amiga partition. This may be an external hard drive or just the Windows/Linux partition on the normal boot drive.

The worst case is that somehow the boot and partition blocks on your hard drive get faulty. In such case booting as well automatic mounting is impossible.

For most foreign file systems the related driver exists, but it's not that easy to create a mount file for them.

This is were GiggleDisk comes in.

GiggleDisk is analysing the entire hard drive by using the RDB and MBR and it auto creates mount and dos driver files. It even automatically mounts drives of a specific type.

It doesn't matter if the drive is using a MBR or an RDB. Even both in mixed mode usage is possible. GiggleDisk also supports virtual hard drives (Type 0x76) as supported by UAE and Amithlon.

For backup purpose it's wise to transfer the mount files to another storage device (e.g. CD). This allows to mount the drive without having valid boot sectors and partitioning blocks and rescuing the data.


  • Supports MBR ( PC / Linux / Pegasos )
  • Supports RDB ( Amiga - RigidDiskBlock)
  • Supports VHD ( Typ 0x76, Virtual Amiga Hard Drive / Amithlon, UAE)
  • Supports unpartitioned media
  • Auto creates mount files and dos drivers for all partitions by using MBR and RDB.
  • Automatically mounts partitions if requested.
  • Direct FAT95, EXT2Filesystem, NTFileSystem, SGIXFileSystem and Standard Amiga file systems.


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