My A2000 - Beast or Beauty

This is my Amiga2000 computer. I daily used it until 2003 and from then it was downgraded to be a compatibly test system.

The numeric display on the left is a trackdisplay which usually displays the position of the disk drive heads. Well, usually means that the disk drive as well as the trackdisplay wasn't used very much since the hard drives came up and so I wrote the tool "TrackDiskplayClock" which is displaying the time. As you can see the time was 12:02! :)

The A2000 power led is replaced by a duo led, which provides red and green. Yeah. Guess what! Beside the power state of the system and the audio filter mode this duo led is displaying the CPU load. Red indicates CPU is hot, green CPU is idling and any value (color mixing created by fast swapping between red and green) shows how busy the system is. The tool for showing the available CPU power is named "AvailCPU".

The big glued and taped stuff in the middle is my internal MMKeyboard and ps2m mouse interface. There is no front connector for keyboard, mouse and joystick anymore. All these connectors are rooted to this little hardware and from there to the back side of the computer.


Oh yeah. The back side is always a beauty. :) The cable plugged into the slot is a standard laptop Y cable for PS/2! This prevented me from needing two slot brackets to provide a mouse and keyboard PS/2 connector.

Right beneath there are two male 9 pin sub-d connectors which are the back routed joystick and mouse ports. Thanks to the PS2m hardware both joysticks and the PS2 mouse can stay plugged in without getting trouble with the devices.

Next connecttor is the external SCSI connector. It's an A2091 controller with GuruRom and 2MB Dip ram. The harddrive is a very loud 512MB drive I used for data storage. Normally a Zip drive is connected here.

The rest of the ports are parallel and serial connectors. You'll never get enough of these. :)

images/a2000/a2000_2.jpg images/a2000/a2000_8.jpg

The amount of connectors already indicated that the A2000 may be filled with Zorro cards and you're right. An Apollo 2030 cpu board with 16 MB memory gives the speed and the flicker fixer on the right side of the power supply delivers a high quality non flickering picture.

A 300 MB harddrive in the 3 1/2" slot and an 3,3x speed cdrom drive (which was never able to read Aminet CD8).

This peace of hardware gives the words "system overload" a completely new meaning.

images/a2000/a2000_3.jpg images/a2000/a2000_4.jpg

Here again the front without the case. It already was 12:06 PM as you can see on the track display. On the left you can see the trackdisplay board. Behind you can see the the battery which is removed from the main board to avoid a total disaster is it starts leaking.

In the middle there is the MMKeyboard and PS2m interface which never got into a final version, but it works fine. Keyboard and both joystick ports are lead to the back side. That's the reason for the wires and the closed front connectors.

images/a2000/a2000_5.jpg images/a2000/a2000_6.jpg

I hope you enjoyed this pictures. After updating and finishing the page I'll add other A2000 hardware projects here, too. exit


Filename Version Size System Description More
TrackDisplayClock V1.18 36 KB AmigaOS 68K Displays time via hardware disk drive trask display readme
AvailCPU V2.00 15 KB AmigaOS 68K Shows the available cpu load by driving the power led readme
PS2m Unknown Unknown Hardware project to connect PS/2 wheel mice to Amiga mouse port readme